AIIMS Bhopal: Doctors ready to deal with nuclear, chemical and bio-assault

Bhopal. AIIMS Bhopal: Doctors will be prepared to deal with nuclear, chemical, biological and chemical attacks in Bhopal, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). For this, Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), IGNOU and AIIMS Bhopal will jointly launch a six-month certificate course. Here, government doctors will be trained to treat patients affected by this type of attack. The training is being introduced for the first time in the country on the request of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. AIIMS Bhopal Director Prof. (Dr.) Saraman Singh said in a conversation with reporters on Tuesday. He was talking to the media on completion of his one-year term.

The director said that so far no training has been given to the doctors to deal with such attacks. Now three institutions of the country have been selected for this training. Central India only includes MP. In this training, you will be told what kind of ailment is caused by such attacks. How to treat them. Which medicines and equipment will be needed in the treatment. What caution is to be kept. This course will start from July 2019.
DRDO's Research Lab Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Science (INMAS) and IGNOU are jointly preparing its curriculum. Technical cooperation will also be undertaken. Doctors will get combined certificates of IGNOU and AIIMS. Dr. Singh informed that the INSAM will first train the doctors of AIIMS. After this, the doctors of AIIMS will train other government doctors in the state by becoming a master trainer. Every six-six months course will be started in January and July each year. 12 doctors will be trained in a batch. The doctor will be sent for the course from the Department of Health or Medical Education.

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