Dantewada news: tribal protest against selling of balladila mine Adani

Dantewada Tribal 13 number of NMDC deposits located on the Nandaraj mountain of Baladila mountain range of the district are being opposed for a long time by the tribal population of Khadi Adani Group. Now on Thursday, the tribals have started uniting and performing. Here tribals have migrated to Bangalore and are encircling NMDC. Also some Adivasis say that the railroad is also being prepared to stop.

Apart from this some tribals have reached Kirandul and are protesting. The demonstration demonstration has been supported by the Naxalites' Darbha Division Committee also by issuing the form. Here the police administration says that without the permission of the authorities, the protesters are protesting. There is no permission for demonstration by the Sub-Divisional Officer.

According to the information, if any incidents such as burglary, demolition, arson, during the demonstration, the Sarpanch secretary will be held responsible for this. It is believed that this demonstration is being said to be sponsored by the Darbha division's Naxalites.

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