Chinese company is earning a day in PUBG and Game For Peace so many millions

San Francisco. China is earning a lot due to 'PubGi Mobile Game' and its new version 'Game for Peace'. Let's say that the revenue of Chinese Internet Powerhouse Tencent, due to the 'PubGi mobile game' and 'Game for Peace', was recorded in May exceeding $ 48 million (about Rs 33 crore) a day. After crossing this earning estimate, it has become the world's highest earning app. This particular information is given in the report of Mobile App Intelligence Company Sensor Tower.

According to the report, together with these two versions, the Chinese company has earned a total of $ 14.6 million in May. However, in the month of April, the company had only earned up to $ 6.5 million. May's earnings are 126% more than earnings in April. Prior to the May figures, the earnings of the month of April were considered to be the highest. Explain that, revenues from Android in China are not included in the revenues.

The earnings from PubGee Mobile, Game For Peace, about $ 10.1 million of total revenues in May came from Apple's store. However, Google's platform received a total revenue of $ 4.53 million. Randy Nelson, head of Mobile Insights for Sensor Tower, mentioned in the blog post the earnings from both versions of PubGy Mobile. Randy Nelson wrote that - "Combining earnings from both versions of Pubzy Mobile is 17 per cent higher than the second-place Game Honor of Kings. It earned about 12.5 million dollars. The App Store and Google Play Users spent an average $ 48 million on both mobile versions last month.

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