The snake remains closed by Lord Shiva for five hours daily, the temple doors are closed

Whether we are very logical, we can not find the logic of some things. In mythology, poisonous snake wrapped around Shiva's throat has been told. Shiva is considered nature lover in every sense. Simultaneously, there are instances of snakes coming in Shiva temples other than mythology, but if there is a snake in a temple at regular intervals and regularly, then what will they say?

This incident of snake coming in the temple and staying in the same temple for about 5 hours is in the Shiva temple of Salemabad village under the Sayya Thana area of ​​Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. Here, for the past sixteen years, a nagak is regularly coming to the temple for the philosophy of Shiva.
According to local people and temple priest, this snake is sitting around five hours near Shivling. However, admission in the sanctuary is stopped for visitors to the temple during this time. According to the locals, after worshiping the priest in the temple at around 10 a.m., there is a snake in the temple and it remains there until three o'clock in the afternoon. During the Nag's stay there, the doors of the temple are closed during this period. Only then do people go to the temple to visit Lord Bholenath.

It is a matter of reverence for a snake to come every day for so long and for about 5 hours. Local residents have many beliefs related to this phenomenon, according to them, the idol of lord Shiva in the neck of Lord Shiva is none other than himself Vasuki. Some people also believe that this snake is the incarnation of any deity who comes here to worship Shiva.

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