Try 6 ways to get fertile skin in the heat.

Summers have come and it is very important that the skin should be taken very carefully. Experts say that use sunscreen to protect your skin.

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Excessive exit in the sun causes many problems. In such a case, good skin care is needed. Dipti Dhillon, director of Delhi's AppleSkin Cosmetic and Laser Clinic, has been giving some easy tips that will protect the skin during this summer.
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1. Drink six to seven glasses of water throughout the day.
2. Wear sunglasses to avoid harmful UV light.
3. Use 30spf sunscreen and apply it three times a day.
Keep the body covered as much as possible. Wearing loose clothing, which does not prevent sweating and acne. First, use scarves to cover the face.
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5. Take lukewarm water in a tub and mix six cups of milk in it, dip it in the leg. By doing this the body temperature will be low and the skin will be moist.
6. Go to dermatologists and know the products used in the summer. There is also a need to replace products with changing weather.
7. Go to the Dermatozogist's clinic and participate in the Dramabrasion session. Hydra-Facials Medi-facials stimulate the skin.
8. Use an antioxidant light lotion for sunburn skin. Using it, the skin will be fine.

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