VIDEO: Shatabdi Express stopped in Dabra, due to track edges, many trains affected

Stilted In the morning there was a fire in the bushes near Kotra from Datia near the railway track. The fire spread so fast that the movement of trains on the track had to be stopped. The New Delhi-Habibganj Shatabdi Express, which was going towards Bhopal from Gwalior, was also affected and it had to be stopped for half an hour at Dabra railway station. 

As soon as the fire got some control, the Shatabdi Express was dispatched to Bhopal. But then the news is that the fire is moving towards the track. After this, many more long distance trains have been stopped at the precautionary duty station in addition to the Karnataka Communication Revolution. At present, many trains and freight trains are standing at Dabra station and fire extinguishers are underway.

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