Change the bedroom bulb ... Select these times for the smart bulb

The time has come that old boring bulbs, now upgraded. The time is of smart bulb. We can tell what smart bulbs can do ...

1. Mood swings of a place like a bedroom face more than anything. Such smart bulbs will help you very well. Smart bulb has the power to change colors. In some, 19 million colors can be seen. With this please install the app in the mobile and turn the wheel and choose the desired color. Seri or Alexa can also help to change color. Changes in color also affect the room temperature evenly.
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2. Smart bulb can be dimmed. Dummer switch is not required to dim them. You just have to put this bulb in the lamps or chandeliers and it has to dim or sharpen the app attached to it. It is very easy and convenient.
3. All colors, temperature control. These bulbs have been designed to maintain melatonin production in the body by natural means. During the day, it helps in suppressing melatonin levels, which do not help sleep, and help to increase their level at night.
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4. Smart bulb can be scheduled. Even when you are not at home, you can still control them. This feature proves to be more effective in terms of security, when you are celebrating long vacations outside the city. If the house is illuminated then the thieves will not be seen. Even after returning from the office, the house can be illuminated, there will be no waste of electricity due to leaving on the lights.
5. These bulbs will also tell you the music. Built-in speakers also come in the smart bulb. In some bulbs, excellent quality speakers are also coming, which can listen to music in loud voices. They can also be controlled from the app.

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