Sundar Pichai Refused To Take Shares Worth Rs 405 Cr From Google Saying He's Already Making Enough

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has been one of the world's highest-paid corporate executives. So, naturally, you'd expect someone like him to continue receiving a big fat paycheck, right? Well, that's not really true.

As turns out, as Google's Chief Executive Officer, Sundar Pichai hasn't received an equity/ stock award in over two years. No, it has nothing to do with his performance as the CEO.

Apparently, Sundar turned down a huge grant of restricted stock in 2018 saying he was already being paid generously. That's right, Bloomberg noted that he turned down the shares because he felt his compensation was more than enough.

The exact amount which he turned down, obviously, is still unclear. However, the sources familiar to the matter told that it's about $58 million, which roughly translates to about Rs 405 Crore.

Before you think Pichai was being too generous, it's worth pointing out a key detail in Bloomberg's report. The report points to a staff meeting from earlier this year, in which a Google employee questioned why the CEO was receiving massive payouts when the other employees were struggling to make their ends meet. It's not just Google, though. A lot of technology companies are being increasingly blamed for all sorts of societal ills.

It's been reported that the board of Google parent Alphabet Inc. will meet later this year to revise Pichai's salary. Until then, it's highly unlikely that you'll see Pichai in the list of “Most Reputable CEO” anytime soon.

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